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Bright coralset sun dazzles over the translucent lake, highlighting the spectacular pink flamingos. They are scattered all over the water like wildflowers atop of a grass field. Onlookers observe in awe, trying to get closer for an ideal photo. Everything stands still, looked in one spot, even when the cool summer breeze, shakes the trees blowing over green and brown leaves to the lake. The seemingly frosty wind appears to be coming from Parque Nacional Los Glaciers. UNESCO world heritage site, where the growing Glacier Perito Moreno stands tall and mighty creating Lago Argentino a milky slate river, with floating icebergs. Spectators travel from all over the world to view this mighty glacier break off, or to hike it.

Between the gray mountains, a light blue iceberg glitters brightly like a diamond reflecting off golden rays of sun that are almost blinding. From a distance, loud rupturing sounds can be heard, as if a giant was tearing of the ice and tossing it into the water with such energy and pleasure, that he keeps on repeating the action all over. Large and small sections of the glacier smash into the water creating sizable waves and an obstacle course for tourist traveling against the tide.

The tour company boat is small and seems to be fragile to withstand the harsh conditions of the lake. However, not the polar wind or the high surf are barriers for this compact vessel. Rocking back and forth, we continue to bolting to the other shore through the murky Argentina waters without hesitation.

Upon reaching the bank, a quick 15-minute trek awaits to the beginning of the iceberg. When climbing the ridged, uneven surface crampons, warm gloves, sunglasses, and sunscreen all come in handy. The top layer is covered with tiny round crystal particles, that melt into the freshest water I have ever tasted. No, wonder Perito Moreno is the world’s third largest freshwater reserve. Sipping the refreshing cool liquid, I move forward, crampons glue to the exterior. Underneath my feet, I feel the ice cracking and shifting with all its might. A hint of fear sets in the pit of my stomach. Nevertheless, I continue to conquer this massive beast, until I reach the ending where 30-year-old whiskey shots with small ice age cubes are handed out to celebrate!

Two years ago, I embarked on a journey with one objective to travel the world, never would I have thought that this journey would take me to El Calafate, Argentina. A town home to a world wonder, breathtaking attractions, and pink flamingos. This location is full of excitement, fun activities, and great memories waiting to be made.



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  • Aimira September 3, 2017

    This is breathtaking view! I would love to expierince the journey that you have made in Argentina, Elcalefatte. Thank you for sharing this beautiful trip & cant wait to read more about your following travels in the future.

    • lifellenadya September 3, 2017

      Thank You!!! I would love for you to join me on one of these exciting trips.


      ~Love ElleNadya~

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