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Walking around Edinburgh, I noticed many souvenir shops with fun gifts for friends and family. My favorite goodie of them all was a magnet with (what I call) a picture-perfect cow. Covered with shiny golden hair through which two large horns on top of its head point upward like antennas. A pair of chocolate brown eyes seemed looked in one place as if waiting for the photographer to capture the incredible picture (for that magnet).

To find my real-life cow, I didn’t have to travel far. The village where we lived was next to the city of Stirling. Underneath the city castle, a large grass field is usually, filled with Scottish cows. Here you can view the animals chewing hay, daydreaming and what seems to be posing for photos.

On top of being a great location to see the cows, this small city is an excellent location to spend an afternoon. Visitors either walk around exploring the old narrow streets, the Castle on top of the hill or some travel here for the smaller villages for a bit to eat at one of the many restaurants and cafes around town like the Darnell Coffee House.

Finding something to do in Stirling is not a problem.


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