The Largest city in the state of Victoria: Graffiti Melbourne

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The largest city in the state of Victoria: Graffiti Melbourne

The first time I visited Melbourne back in 2016, I wasn’t in love. The town felt too broad; everything felt to spread out as if missing something special. The steel gray jungle made up the city center. Streets full of traffic, and a fast-paced lifestyle was everything I had seen and left behind in New York. I hoped to discover something different in this part of the world. However, it was going to take a few tries to get it right.

Two years ago I didn’t know that Graffiti Melbourne existed, a more artistic and dare I say a bohemian lifestyle lurked in the back alleys of this city. 

Graffiti Melbourne

This time going back I wanted a different approach to how I looked at the city. I tried to find out what was special about it and decided to change the way I looked at this particular metropolis. With a bit of research and a few good hours of sleep, I’ve done the magic. I discovered that Melbourne’s inner suburbs are full of graffiti. Influenced by the graffiti of New York, artists take it upon themselves to decorate the steel gray jungle with color.

Graffiti Melbourne

Graffiti Melbourne:

Starting my tour of the city, first by visiting the most famous streets full of art and some cool graffiti. Here are the names of a few streets to visit while exploring: Hosier and Rutledge lanes, AC/DC Lane and Duckboard Place, Union Lane, Croft Alley, etc… Take note, some streets or alleyways are not all that clean and smell like pee. Don’t lose hope and keep exploring. Almost every building will have some image psalter on, and the city will have a completely different vibe.

Point of interest, Graffiti Melbourne:

St. Kilda Pier home to a tiny blue penguin colony is worth a visit. The dock is full of large rocks where the birds hide, hoping that no one will find them. Even tho they are great at camouflaging don’t give up hope, a few of the babies will eventually move revealing their location.

What happened to me wasn’t on the pier but instead next to it. I ended up swimming in the ocean not far from the marina, and something unusual happened. Laying on my back staring up into the sky I felt something came up on top of me, slowing moving up my chest. I panicked and maybe screamed (just a little). The only thing I could think of is: Australia is a country that has the most dangerous and poisonous beings inhabit its oceans and land. First thought popping into my head is it a shark? Second, maybe some toxic jellyfish, because I seem to attract them like a magnet. Not thinking much about what it was I yanked it off my chest ready to throw it to the side but froze.

I was holding a baby penguin. Wiggling its delicate body trying to escape my grip both the bird and I couldn’t figure out what was happening. I could believe that I was holding a penguin in my hand. As well, the bird looked confused about why I wasn’t a rock. Astonished at such a close encounter the bird, looked at me as if saying sorry then flopped its wings and leaped into the ocean, to be never seen again. I only wish I had a camera to tape my encounter with the precious little guy. Well, at least my hubby got to see everything from the side and couldn’t believe what just happened. Anyway, if your in this town visit the pier or enjoy a swim in the ocean may be the same thing will happen to you.

By the end:

Towards the end, I rediscover Melbourne. The city shined at a different light. The town was vibrant, lively and full excitement everything that wanted to see and explore.

Graffiti Melbourne

Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the fairest one of all?

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By the evening the weather was getting cooler, and the streets were getting more crowded. As we investigated what the fuss was all about we decided to join the evening festivities ” White Nights.” To be continued.

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