Rediscovering Australia, a Two Week Journey

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Australia not only holds the record for worlds most poisonous snakes, spiders and other various creatures that can kill you or make your life a miserable hell, it also contains the most beautiful landscapes that take your breath away. Each region is full of wonders, whether it’s the desert “outback” that covers 1,371,000 square kilometers of Australia mainland, or it could be as simple as the Great Ocean Road running from a small town of Warrnambool to the large city of Melbourne in the state of Victoria.

To discover and rediscover Australia (for the second time) we decided to embark on a two-week journey. The trip started out in South Australia and took us all the way to a remote salt lake in the desert, then to some pretty magnificent national forest, and along the way, we made few stops in some cool places. To finish our journey, we drove along the coastline and ended up back in our favorite city of Sydney.

Over the next few weeks, I will be writing about, my journey through Australia, with tips on where to stay, how to save money, and what to look for during your adventure.

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