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Salzburg’s location can’t be more ideal for a picture perfect postcard! The city is situated right along snow-covered Austrian Alps, with a gorgeous background view of a white castle on top of a hill. This is how I imagined Austria, a land full of giant mountains, mysterious castles, and crystal clear rivers. This appealing European city seems to have it all. Not only is it full of striking views and historic attractions, it is also where the famous composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born. This extraordinarily talented man not only influenced the musical world, composed world famous operas, symphonies, and sonatas but also had a huge cultural impact on today’s Salzburg. His life, talent, and influences are seen throughout the city. The center square is named Mozartplatz with a tall monument of him in the middle, his home is now a museum, and everywhere you turn there is music playing to remind you of the classical era. Even gift shops are filled with small magnet violins and other musical memorabilia.

What also is amazing about this city is how peaceful it gets during the cooler months. There aren’t that many tourists roaming the streets, as most tourists prefer skiing or snowboarding in the Alps, this is like a “gold mine” for snow lovers. Without too many people out and about, taking a nice long walk – in the cool, crisp air around the river, while watching the light-gray snow clouds starting to cover massive mountain tops like icing on top of a cake – sometimes it’s all you need from a vacation. At times, nature can be the best kind of attraction. Visiting Salzburg, tourists get to enjoy both the musically influenced city and a view the mighty Alps.

The View

To get a fantastic view of the city there are several great locations to do that. If the weather is just right, for the best view overlooking the whole city visit Hohensalzburg castle situated on top of Festungsberg Hill. However, if time and budget are limited, visit Petersfriedhof, the oldest cemetery, and catacombs in Salzburg. Entrance fee is only 2€ and it takes about 15 minutes to explore the whole attraction. Absolutely worth it! The cemetery is located at the foot of the castle and the catacombs are carved into the rocky hill. The steep stone steps inside the cold and dark hill will guide you to a couple of good views. One view is throughout the tiny windows on the first floor, it’s however very difficult to take a good picture. For a more scenic view walk up one more flight of stairs to the balcony (that’s where I took a couple of smashing photos and got a lovely look at the city).


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