Park Radal Siete Tazas

Chile Park Radal Siete Tazas

Driving through any of Chile’s national parks is an overwhelming experience and Park Radal Siete Tazas was no exception. First and foremost, the park road is all large potholes filled with dirt and small loose stones. Hitting a hole creates a large cloud of dust making it difficult to see, not to mention rocks flying everywhere from underneath the wheels. Eventually, the vehicle fills with dust (even though the windows are kept tightly closed) making it difficult to breathe. Heavy breathing, jumping on your seat due to the uneven road is all forgotten when a stunning view of the lush native forest and waterfalls opens up in front of you. The park road leads to the gigantic, waterfall “Velo de Novia” (bride’s veil), which is worth a quick stop.

Additionally, Park Radal Siete Tazas connects to Park Ingles. Right at the Park Ingles entrance, behind a campsite called “Camping Rocas Basálticas,” a crystal clear mountain river runs wild, carving out rocks and creating teacup holes large enough to dive in (actually, an activity popular with the locals). Leaping off ridged cliffs into the river for the first time, honestly, was unforgettably breathtaking experience.

Since the parks are filled mostly with locals it’s the perfect quiet getaway. The parks are perfect for camping, hiking, and swimming in the river.


Campsite rate (per night, per person) is CH 4,000.

If you plan to camp, it’s worth noting that during summer nights it can get extremely cold. Bring warm sleeping bags, blankets, and warm clothing.

If you plan to hike, do check in advance if the parks are open for hiking. At the time of my visit hiking was forbidden due to ongoing fires over various Chilean regions.

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