La Sirena Y El Capitan

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La Sirena Y El Capitan restaurant is located on a remote road in Puerto Almanza, Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. Now, this is what I call a hidden gem! The warm and cozy atmosphere, innovative design, great selection of fresh seafood and beer is bound to make you happy on any given day.

From the outside, there isn’t much of a curb appeal to this red wooden structure, in fact, I would have never predicted it was a working restaurant. However, stepping into the vintage house an aroma of freshly baked fish and potatoes fills the air and the decorations remind you of an old fisherman’s boat. The ceiling of the restaurant is covered with ancient wood and a dangling old fishing net that is filled with antique objects. A large rusty hook is first to be noticed, then other intricate items start to take shape such as beautiful seashells, an antique red lifesaver, and worn out buoys that are spread all over the mesh. The walls don’t lack in creative decoration either, they are covered with large wooden logs making it look like the inside of cabin with a stunning ocean view. By the window, an old record player is playing Carlos Gardel and the fireplace is burning wood rapidly as if burning coal to keep the boat going. In addition, traditional Argentinian tribal masks, beer bottles, and picture frames can be found hanging throughout the restaurant.

The interesting décor isn’t the only appealing factor about this restaurant, the food is fab as well. The best part is you can always expect fresh fish on the menu. The owner goes out early in the morning to catch fish to be served at the restaurant that same day, and the dishes come out nice and tasty. Also, the whole restaurant is operated by the owner, and even though he doesn’t speak English ordering two cervezas (beer) and fish of the day was fairly easy.

La Sirena Y El Capitan

Entrance to the Resturant 
La Sirena Y El CapitanDelicious food 

La Sirena Y El Capitan

Inside La Sirena Y El Capitan Resturant

La Sirena Y El Capitan

“The fireplace is burning wood rapidly as if burning coal…”

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