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Scotland is divided into two (unofficial geographical) regions, the lowlands and highlands.

What can you find while exploring the highlands? Well for starters it holds one of the most beautiful landscapes with mountains that stretch for miles with day-long hikes, crystal clear lakes believed to be home to “monsters” like the Loch Ness Monster and century-old castles that are scattered all over the land. Traveling further north to the island of Orkney you can find The Ring of Brodgar one of the oldest and finest stones circles in the world dating back from 2,500 to 2,000 BC. Not far from there, or should I say on another island precisely the island of Lewis is home to yet another world-famous 5,000 years old Calanais Standing Stones.

There are much more famous, and fascinating attraction to name, explore and discover around the highlands. Here is what I go to see:

 Highlands nowhere specific, just a random stop along the highway

The lookout along the highway

One of the best parts about driving through the highlands is the ability to pull over anywhere for a photo or to rest

Loch Ness a large, deep, freshwater lake where the Loch Ness Monster was spotted and believed to have lived

Loch Ness is Scotland’s second deepest loch

Loch Ness is near the town of Inverness

Castle Stalker, located on an island 25 miles north of Oban, a port town. Limited tours are available, book in advance

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