Hidden Treasures in Ubud, Bali

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 Ubud, Bali turned out to be a rollercoaster ride. From the beginning to the time I left, I never seemed to have a dull moment. In the midst of all the commotion (read more about it in my previous post), I discovered the local market, full of “hidden treasures” in front of the Royal Palace.

About the marker full of Hidden Treasures: 

Packed with countless riches like cute straw bags, different color sarongs, large or small wooden plates with carved out designs, clothing, art and many other goodies. Buy a few gifts, you will not regret it, especially considering you can always bargain to get a reasonable price. I purchased a few items, and my bag collection just got a little bigger ;). Amidst all the handcrafted, cool and intricate pieces, I discovered something new, something unique and something I haven’t seen before. A round, metal object that turned out to a drum, hum… Many questions here, how do you use this particular instrument? What is the material used to make it? As well why haven’t I seen anything like it before?

Hidden Treasures

“This region of the world seems to be booming with innovative designers and artisans. Part of the appeal is each designer, company or brand comes up with something unique, and avant-garde meanwhile supporting the local craftsman.”Hidden Treasures

Cute straw bags which may I add only cost about USD 9, compared to let’s say a Clare V Bag that costs USD 225 Hidden Treasures

Goodies at the Market Ubud, Bali, IndonesiaHidden TreasuresMain reasons I want to go back to Bali (despite everything) is to visit all the Markets and find more Hidden Treasures! 

Fortunately for me, my friends that live in Ubud have an online company that specializes in the very same drum that I saw at the market. Lucky me! They were kind enough to give me a quick rundown of how the drum works and what their company “UFO Drum” is all about.

Here is what I learned about the UFO Drum:UFO Drum

“Many questions here, how do you use this particular instrument? What is the material used to make it? And why haven’t I seen anything like it before?”

UFO drum is a company that specializes in creating steal tung drums that anyone can play, and recycled rubber bags made from used motorcycle tires (particularly excellent design for Bali or any other rainy part of the world). With my limited experience playing instruments and not much of a background in music, this particular drum was unique and easy to use. I never expected to start playing the drum so quickly, without much effort.UFO Drum




For me, a foot-operating bass drum was all I knew. Although again I’m not a musician or an upcoming artist that knows much about instruments. Talking to my friends was a great way to learn something new and unique. Travel certainly makes you wiser!!!





Dance, meditate or compose an original beat with the UFO drum. The unique design and shape provide a world of opportunity to create a one of a kind melody without the hassle of learning how to play a drum set. Able to produce a peaceful meditation sound or an upbeat tune. The round metal drum is unique and everything I happened to like.

UFO drum is innovative fun and easy to play!

UFO Drum“UFO drum is a travel-friendly drum that comes with a shoulder bag for easy travel. Trust me- it’s pure magic- to travel with your music!” – added my expert friends and founders of UFOdrum.net 

UFO Drum“awake your inner musician.”  –UFOdrum.net 

UFO Drum

Steal Tung Drum that has three tuning variations, including sound healing edition tuned to 432 Hz – frequency of the Universe and can withstand a bonfire 🙂 

For more information on the market visit Ubud, Bali 😉 and for UFO drums go to their website UFOdrum.net 

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Я родилась и выросла на Урале. В книгах читала о других странах, всегда мечтала там побывать, но даже поверить тогда не могла, что мечта когда-то исполнится. Мне не хочется полететь в космос и никогда не хотелось, мне хочется увидеть землю, разглядеть ее вблизи, а не сверху. И вот, я путешествую и делюсь своими впечатлениями в блоге. А еще я люблю встречаться с интересными и добрыми людьми. Куда бы мы не поехали всюду встречаются замечательные люди.

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