Taste Hentley Farm Wine from Barossa Valley, Australia

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Exploring new destinations is exciting but can be time-consuming. Enjoying the views and all the attractions, can wear you out and leave you exhausted, but a nice glass of wine at a local winery can be just the right medicine. Our remedy to a long road trip was the Hentley Farm Wine.

Inside the Hentley Farm Cellar Door: 

Stepping inside the cool cellar door, that seemed to be impenetrable to the outside temperature, felt refreshing. The atmosphere, laid back and relaxed, which was all I needed to ease my mind off the road and to taste the wine this region has to offer. Walking through the different rooms, we found a quiet spot in the back, with an open layout, big windows, subtle decor and a comfortable couch, to relax on. While waiting for the server or the wine expert to arrive, I began to notice the small intricate details around me. The walls, uneven with visible cracks and dents, the brown paint is worn out, and beautiful paintings were shielding some of the rough texture adding a little spark to the old charm of this cellar door. Hentley Farm was just the right choice, to our unplanned afternoon drive through the wineries.

About the Hentley Farm Wine: 

From the waiter, I learned that this region is famous for the Shiraz and Grenache grapes used to make red wine. The grapes for the white wine, are imported from other provinces and countries, therefore if you travel here expect to drink many variations of red wine. At Hentley Farm, the degustation menu is extensive, and the flavor is rich. The tasting fee is $10 per person that includes eight glasses of wine, (seem reasonable) and not mention the cost, can be waived if you purchase a bottle of wine. After a satisfying tasting season, I’m sure you’ll want to take a good bottle of red home with you (we bought three bottles and brought them home with us).

P.S: If you plan on eating at the restaurant book in advance, as Hentley Farm can get extremely busy and I here the food is delicious. Next time I’ll be sure to try the food here. 

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