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A year ago I embarked on an exciting journey around Europe. During my trip, I got to visit many countries and cities. Each country and city had its own appeal. Nuremberg was one of those cities, and it stood out for its history and autumn beauty.

Walking around the city in full fall mode was mesmerizing. In the light of day, the fall colors of changing leaves made new and old perfectly uneven, colorful, red roofed buildings really pop. Chilly wind that filled the busy streets, blowing yellow leaves into the air, made the Old Town (the city center) stand out the most. Given the city an alluring look, and especially sense, there’s the Imperial Castle located right at the heart of the city. Definitely, the only part that’s missing is a princess and a prince. However, nothing seems to matter with all the fall festivities going on in the city.

Visiting the second largest city in Bavaria during October had its perks. The fall market was in full swing and even though I missed Oktoberfest, I got to taste some of the best beer, ate freshly grilled bratwurst, and listened to live folk music. Standing outside on a cool October day drinking beer and enjoying life, I had an overwhelming feeling of celebration and belonging, like I was born here and I did this sort of thing every year. It’s truly astonishing how much this city has to offer.

Nuremberg seems to be shaped and defined by history. Walking around the city, it’s hard not to notice places like the medieval St. Lorenz Church, the controversial Ehekarussell fountain portraying the married life, and the Nazi Party Rally Grounds a historical site unlike any other memorial site in Germany. Now that the grounds had been rebuilt and function as a museum, taking a tour is a must. In the beginning, it served one purpose, a site for many pre-war Nazi Rallies and after the war, it held the Nuremberg Tribunal. Walking through the halls of the old building, while listening to the sounds and viewing photos of World War II, was by far memorable, sad, and educational.

Fall in Nuremberg is a painting by Monet, depicting landscape full of vibrant colors and life.



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