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On a gorgeous day when the sun is finally out after a few rainy days exploring the city of Rouen seemed like a great idea. However, I found myself on a different quest, not the one leading to discovering the history of this city but rather finding and tasting this region’s yummy fresh produce.

It wasn’t hard to find what I was looking for. Following the delicious scent of food, I stumbled upon a food market near Place du Vieux-Marche and right next to Église Jeanne d’Arc (the church of Joan of Arc). The square footage of this place is very limiting, and to some, the design of the market may seem more like a showroom and not an ideal shopping location but for me, it was the perfect. A good spot to get fresh local food and try something new like the shellfish rapane.

Here you can find several vendors that appeared to have everything your stomach desires: fresh sweet fruit, tasty veggies, home-baked bread, a very large selection of meat and fish, let’s not forget the cold cuts and the seafood salads (ready to be eaten on the spot) and of course the cheese or what seems to be a million variations of it. As well this bazaar has a cozy little restaurant next to the fish shop, here you are able to enjoy some delicious dishes with a glass of wine. Great way to relax and enjoy the afternoon.

Whether or not you’re planning on purchasing bags full of groceries or just grabbing a baguette with the regions most famous cheese called Camembert, taking a bite of Normandy’s best will rewarding.

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