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On this seminally gloomy, and rainy day everything seems to be adrift, moving in slow motion. The waitress is no exception. Slowly strolling towards the table to jog down our order, she seems to be lost in her own thoughts, consumed by the dim evening.

Looking around El Muelle I find it very easy on the eye, a light and spacious room, filled with a few tables, chairs and nothing more, creating a sense of peace. In no rush and ready to relax, I appreciate this laid-back atmosphere. The windows of this restaurant face the ocean, and that’s where I find myself situated for the night.

Gazing through the glass onto Patagonia and listening to the soft sound of rain, I don’t even notice how the restaurant begins to fill up with hungry tourist ready to try local dishes. Soon chatter and laughter filled the room, and the waitress starts to pick up the past to accommodate each order.

Shortly beer and appetizers are served, followed by the main dish of hot baked salmon. Splendid dinner, nothing fancy but just right! Who would have thought that in the middle of nowhere, in a tiny village something so tasty and relaxing can be discovered?

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