Defining a Village

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A day ago, my life was full of all the necessary amenities: great restaurants, hot shower, nice cozy bed, you name it. Today I found myself slowly but surely disconnecting from the outside world and entering the ultimate wilderness.

The drive through Carretera Austral, was challenging, and unbelievably beautiful. Racing towards the unknown, the last thing on my mind was a hot meal or a shower. Beauty outside the car window was so compelling, that every now and then it’s was hard not to pull over for a quick snap.

However, slowly day turned to dusk and the fight against time was on. Above, the sky was full of scattered white clouds that slowly started to become gloomy with the last beams of sunlight shining through them, revealing how fast night descend upon Patagonia. With twilight at our doorstep, no Internet, and a slowly deflating tire, my husband and I decided to anchor for the night at a tiny village of Puyuhuapi.

This scenic town is situated on the shore of the Pacific Ocean, providing a good spot for a nightcap. Established by German settlers, but structurally and culturally influenced by Chile. The wide muddy road leads to the town center, where stray dogs wander the streets, the exteriors of every house are extremely vintage, a few restaurants can be spotted from the main road, and one gas station sits on the outskirts of town—truly defining a village. However, the town is full of friendliest locals who are willing to help with fixing a tire, finding a good eat, or locating shelter for the night, bringing ease and homeliness to a foreign traveler!

Last rays of the sun have hidden behind the horizon and darkness consumed the village. Prepared to fall asleep any second, I was glad to find myself in a comfy and balmy hotel. Peering through the tiny window of my room I took one last look at the night sky filled with dazzling stars and fell asleep to the sounds of waves, thinking of what tomorrow will bring.

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