Come on, let’s have some tea and eat dessert at Dame Cakes

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When I think about “Dame Cakes” a tea room in Rouen, I think of my childhood. When I was little I had an adorable pink dollhouse with a blue roof.  It was filled with colorful plastic teacups, tiny tables, and chairs where dolls and stuffed animals sat, each pretending to hold a sparkly red cupcake that they were about to magically eat. Love a good tea party!

“Dame Cake” is like my dollhouse except that the occupants aren’t my toys, cups aren’t plastic and the cupcakes are very much real. Hungry adults and children fill the tea room ready to try delicious desserts and drink hot tea. I was also excited to sit down at this restaurant for a nice cup of tea and to get a taste of the sweet desserts.

Awaiting their turn to be eaten freshly baked pies, cakes, and tarts are displayed on top of a large black buffet stand in the dining area. Choosing from the large selection of savory delights was anything but easy, I just wanted to try them all. My strategy was to go for a cake that was unusual in color and topped with yummy fruit. A green slice of Pistachio tart was what I ended up with, and it turned out to be the right decision. Delicious!

In addition to the savory desserts, this restaurant is full of miscellaneous objects. The register countertop is packed with all kinds of delicacies, starting with different jars of jam, chocolate candy bars, cookies, and biscuits. The shelves behind the register are stacked with black boxes that are filled with tea and round pink gift boxes. As well, throughout the restaurant, you can find small and large teapots, stacks of large beautiful plates and English tea sets, adding to the dollhouse charm.

What a great find “Dame Cakes” turned out to be!

Dame Cakes

Dame Cakes

Dame Cakes

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