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 The 21st century seems to be all about, handcrafted product and supporting artisans who create the masterpieces we love to wear or have in our homes. One of those brands trying to establish a name for itself, in this fast past fashion-forward world is City Sand. A brand-new company founded on a tourist favorite Indonesian island of Bali. In search, for global recognition, the creator and founder of City Sand describes in great detail of how the brand came to life and what it takes to be a businesswoman in this fast-grown tourist packed land.

“Every fashionista dreams about a great quality product with an affordable price tag.”

“The brand name was born during a tour of Indonesia. My family and I spent a month on one of the most beautiful islands in Indonesia – in Sumbawa. This was paradise, a piece of haven!” says the founder Yulia. A passionate, strong young woman, who strives to create a perfect mix of city chic handmade product by working locally with talented artisans.“I always dreamed of creating something special and finding myself on the island.” Designing luxury leather products in a place with limitless possibilities and keeping the production work locally, i.e. (Bali and surrounding islands), she can produce great quality work at low prices. After all, don’t we all love to have a cute handbag or a pair of shoes at low coast “Every fashionista dreams about a great quality product with an affordable price tag.”

 “I always dreamed of creating something special and finding myself on the island.”

She fell in love with leather handcrafted goods while living in Thailand, that quickly sparked the idea of starting her brand, and Bali was the perfect location to do so “moving to Bali the number one importer of exquisite leather goods was all I needed to start making my dream into a reality.” A year of experimenting with different artisans to create a great quality product and taking time to learn more about the business aspect she started her band. Even with all the availability on this island, not every craftsman can create excellent quality work, in the time frame needed… they do not seek to earn a lot of money and can even refuse to work on a day when it is necessary to hold a religious ceremony or simply because they are tired today” Along the way, she met her craftsman, her partner, who was able to create a beautiful product. By staying locally, she was able to provide jobs for the locals, because it does take an army of experts to create one item.

“Inspiration is everywhere,”

Slowly but surely the company came about and started making waves in the capital city of Moscow, Russia. It seems that every woman, that touches and see’s the quality of work put into one piece she must have it. As Yulia explains “the craft of sewing fine leather goods on Bali has been around for generations and has been perfected to the T’.” On an island that’s full of opportunities “Inspiration is everywhere,” and so are the possibilities.

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