The First Stop on Rediscovering Australia: The Dry Desert

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The first stop on Rediscovering Australia was the Dry Desert, read on to find out more:

Let me clear all the negative notions about traveling to the outback or the “Dry Desert”:

When we first got the idea about venturing to the outback, and I mean driving through the desert we heard many warnings. Stories such as how tourist go missing without a trace, some wild tails about the aboriginal people (they aren’t that scary, it’s not like they walk around with knife and pitchforks looking for dinner) and all the other gruesome stuff including how tires melt to the ground from the unbearable heat. I guess that’s why we chickened out and never made it to the massive sandstone Uluru (Ayers Rock) located in the Red Center with the nearest town Alice Springs, 450km away. Oh well, maybe next time we will make it.

Dry Desert

 National Highway A87, South Australia 

I wish I knew this before traveling to the Australian Dry Desert!

Once we flew into Adelaide and began driving towards Port Augusta (our first destination) and further south, nothing was that scary, except the heat and let me tell you it’s hot. The hottest summer day in New York doesn’t come nearly as close to what a summer day feels like out in the desert. Compared it to baking cookies during the summer at about 350 degrees. That moment you open the oven to check on the progress, the heat rushes out and stings your face a bit, well that’s how it feels in the desert, except here your whole body burns. I honestly don’t know how anything survives in this agonizing heat!Dry Desert

Walk the line on National Highway A87, South Australia 

Now, this brings me to the next part of my story, scenes we didn’t make it to Uluru, we decided to head for Lake Heart, experience some of what this hot, dry-land has to offer. Located 218 km away from Port Augusta approximately a 2 hours drive, a natural phenomenon awaits. During the draught season (summer months), all the lakes in the outback dry up and turn into massive (stunning) piles of salt. While driving to this location, you will come across many salt lakes with fantastic viewing points, stop at one or two for a photo.

Dry Desert

On the way to Lake Hart 

Dry Desert

Lake Hart, South Australia Near the town of Pimba 

Side Notes:

-Pimba is a tiny town that you will pass by on the way to the lake, stop for gas, food and use the bathroom (trust me you don’t want to do the funny business outside).
-Bring a fly repellant, I don’t know if it’s the heat or something in the air, but they attack anything that moves. The flies try to zoom past you and go up your nose, gross! Very annoying and uncomfortable. Oh and don’t forget a water bottle 🙂
-As well please note that it’s illegal to go down to Lake Hart. If you do manage to go down without anyone noticing (not hard to do, I did by accident and only saw the warring sing on the way back), please keep in mind that you are at risk of paying the penalty or serving jail time.

Dry Desert

Enjoying my view of the Desert and Lake Hart, South Australia


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